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I keep falling off but this game is awesome

when i try to open the game it just crashes, can I know the versions required for mac?

this game is absolutely



very normal


A hilarious and naturally weird feeling platformer. not for the faint of heart. You won weirdest game for this video 


Thanks very much man! Watched the video, really entertaining, I really like this format where you super quickly get to discover a bunch of games that you would otherwise never ever hear about :) thanks for the shout out too!

i am a big fan of your work!

my life is in shambles

if your on your life is in shambles dont worry

you are so talented i love your games and i hope your youtube channel becomes successful

WOahhh, super fun game, congrats!!

I simply cannot express how much I love it when games are just weird. Great job!

Checkpoints are needed.


I'm not that nice


Never have I ever gotten as angry as I did at this game.... 10/10


I was the first person to beat this game.

I love to stream this game, my friends think its hilarious, still haven't beaten it but it's really fun

I'm using a Mac, and it says that it can't check it for malicious software and that I have to contact the developer.

how do you play with a ps5 controller?

What are the controllers without gamepad? The game does not say that anywhere and i don't have one.

this game is so janky and it think thats where most of its difficulty comes from

It is a very good and entertaining game, you could place an option where it allows you to change the name of the user. please.

please i need.

what are minimum pc requirements?

The camera  is all jittery when I play with mouse for some reason, just thought i'd let you know.

I did play it with a gamepad and the game is very good fun. My stick drift keeps me from attempting another run though, the game is already hard enough, don't gotta add hardware issues into the mix.


Damn, I thought I'd fixed this with the latest update. I don't get the stick drift issue (even though I know my controller has that problem) and the camera doesn't jitter for me, so very hard to know what to do...


I've uploaded another fix, hopefully no more camera issues, and no jitter, would love it if you could give it a try and let me know!

YES thank you so much, it works flawlessly! Now i can only blame myself for falling //

I'm having a problem where I cant start the game, I am stuck on the "Enter your name" menu. I've literally pressed every button on my keyboard and mouse, tried my gamepad, nothing.

I seem to just not be able to play the game, I am seriously confused, because when the character jumps out of the hole in the first screen, I can pause and hit reset and then I am moving around the level, but my screen still is stuck on the "Enter your name" screen! I can't do anything, any help?

Type in your name then it verifies it. It shows a sign that says that way, then go well that way.

im having the same problem Lmao, except when i pause and restart my guy's just not there

how to player name change???


would you be able to add it to crome?? this would be amazin to play in school.

MacOS version doesn't seem to work on M1 Mac. What can I do?

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Should just work. Does it give you any information when you click the question mark? I'm not a Mac user so I'm afraid I'll be of little help.


Ok so I did eventually find a solution. I'm gonna put a little tutorial for everybody having the same issue:
- Open the Terminal

(- If you didn't already do it, drop the app in Application (it's better like this anyway)

- Now just locate the file in Terminal :

cd /

cd Applications/Platwormer\

(If you renamed the app, type the current name instead of "Platwormer\ Mac". Don't forget the .app, tho)

- Then, just type in 

chmod +x Platwormer

- Should work now!

Btw, really great game!


Ah amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Just so you know; this was also the fix for me not being able to open you new game That Game! Thanks MoiLeMelon!!

for some reason I keep getting permission denied on the terminal when I tried this :/ I have a newer Mac, does the Mac version matter?

I don’t think so, I have an M1 Mac running Big Sur. That’s weird… I couldn’t help you without a clear visual of what’s going on. I’m really sorry 

maybe if you type "sudo" in front of the command?

I'm getting the error "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software"
Running macOS 12.0.1

Go to System Preference > Security & Privacy > General

From here you can authorise the app.

This was a really fun game. The worm crawling mechanic was unique and well implemented. I really wanted to beat it... but I also didn't want to throw my controller through my monitor. Great game. Keep it up!  


Despite the rage and the things I said, I actually had a ton of fun with this game 😅😂 I do plan on actually beating it in the near future 


This was great :D I never designed this game thinking that I would take pleasure in people's suffering. But I do. I really do.


😂 I know what you mean. fantastic game, I’m excited to play more of your games!

For those who want a sneak peek at the chaos😅

I am the first person in the world to beat platwormer, expect a video soon. 

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YES! Big congrats ducc! You achieved what over 400 others couldn't :) Even I haven't completed a full run, so you are literally the first. Can't wait for the video!


lots of skips I officially coined the "ducc skip and "tree skip" which will be used for centuries, be VERY excited for this VERY epic video


I just found your stream, was so much fun. I can't believe Ducc skip.. I spent so long arranging those rocks to block that 😐. But also somehow knew it wouldn't work. Hyped for the video.


worm speed any% (real)




Very worm



worm = cool

very worm